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Hope you like your short stories weird.

Short Stories

"Ellie and Jim vs. Tony 'The Nose'" in Shimmer (With bonus interview!)

It’s like her tits are tired of being tits. Like they’d rather be something a little less enticing, elbows or noses maybe. 

I can relate.

"Cape to Cairo" in Apex Magazine (With bonus interview!)

Back when they thought they owned it, the British perceived the African continent as stretching from south to north. They decided it needed a road — Cape to Cairo. But Alice is going the opposite direction — Cairo to Cape. It’s a big continent that she thought would last forever, or at least change her by the time she got to the other end. But here she is. Halfway through and exactly the same.

"The Empire Builder" in Toasted Cake Podcast

This morning, I woke up next to an Amtrak train. It had stolen all the covers, and my feet were freezing.

"Camouflage" in Kaleidotrope

Nobody sits next to me on the red line to Howard, even though the train is packed, so I put my backpack in the empty seat. The backpack is shaped like me. I made it myself, in case I need a decoy to ward off wolves or polar bears. My plan, if I am attacked, is to throw the bag at my pursuer and then run in the opposite direction.

"The Committee" in Farrago's Wainscot

The committee is having cake and cordials and talking about the undead.

"Undead," Mrs. Peterson coughs. "Must we use that dreadful word?" She sips at her tiny bell of a glass.

"What would you suggest?" asks Mrs. Baxter.

"Something more positive," Mrs. Peterson says.

"Wildlife" in M-Brane SF

In the center of the garage sat a massive wooden crate with the word LAWNCOM stenciled in block letters along the side. And next to the crate, sprawled out and snoring, was an adult bison.
"Teddy," Mom breathed, hand on her chest.

Dad was holding a thick instruction manual in one hand and a remote control in the other. "Damn thing broke my whatzit," he muttered. "My tire jack."

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