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What the back cover says:

“Can the absence of words tell a story? Like a pattern in lace, the holes as important as the threads?”


A search. A puzzle. Sixty protagonists—all of whom are dead.


Told entirely through obituaries and ricocheting through time, Remember You Will Die is an innovative, genre-bending epic about the messy tapestry of human history and the threads that connect us, through the eyes of Peregrine, an AI mother, grappling with the unexpected death of her human daughter, Poppy.

From the newspaper clippings of individual lives emerges something else unexpected: generations entwined through blood and art and the consequences of their actions, betrayals and redemptions that traverse our dying world and beyond.


Spanning continents, centuries, planets, and genres, and centering a diverse mix of human experiences, Remember You Will Die is a provocative exploration of who we are and what we could be.

Out October 22!

What the back cover says:

Franny Steinberg knows there's powerful magic in laughter. She's witnessed it. With the men of Chicago off fighting WWII on distant shores, Franny has watched the women of the city taking charge of the war effort. But amidst the war bond sales and factory shifts, something surprising has emerged, something Franny could never have expected. A new marvel that has women flocking to comedy clubs across the nation: the Showstopper.

When Franny steps into Chicago's Blue Moon comedy club, she realizes the power of a Showstopper—that specific magic sparked when an audience laughs so hard, they are momentarily transformed. And while each comedian's Showstopper is different, they all have one thing in common: they only work on women.

After a traumatic flashback propels her onstage in a torn bridesmaid dress, Franny discovers her own Showstopper is something new. And suddenly she has the power to change everything…for herself, for her audience, and for the people who may need it most.

What the people are saying:

"It's a book about comedy, so it's funny – but it's a book about comedy, so it's also wrenching and difficult to look at (or look away from) in places. The supernatural conceit at the heart of the tale – the Showstoppers – are played perfectly, in matter-of-fact realness...[Robins] has blossomed into an outstanding talent, a storyteller who manages to tell tales that feel utterly contemporary and like old classics." -- Cory Doctorow (full review)

"A warm hug of a novel that empathetically covers topics like trauma, queerness, and gender equality." -- Buzzfeed 

"Prepare yourselves for this one, because this novel is the perfect funny and heartbreaking read to pick up for the fall...When Franny Stands Up is funny, sweet, and certainly magical, but it also covers difficult topics— such as PTSD and sexual identity— with insight and heart." -- Book Riot

"This is a fucking powerhouse of a novel. If you think it's a fantasy Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, you're missing the wonderful and glorious nuance of this book. This is a book about comedy and trauma and family. It is funny and heartbreaking on every other page. I could not stop reading it, and I had deadlines and kittens that should have pulled me away. I love Franny and all her awkwardness and strength. I loved her family. The only things I didn't love were things that were supposed to make me uncomfortable and did it with mastery. Eden Robins is a helluva powerful writer. This book is a Showstopper." -- Mary Robinette Kowal

"Readers will fall in love with this one." -- Publisher's Weekly (full review)

"Just like a good comedy routine, which can find hilarity even as it cuts, this book ultimately delights beyond the seriousness that underlies the story. Although Franny belongs to another time, she is someone in whom we can believe, someone we know, perhaps even someone we recognize in ourselves." - LitStack (full review)

"When Franny Stands Up is a story not just about standing up on a stage, it’s also standing up for what’s right and standing up for yourself. Franny’s journey is sometimes painful but, overall, heartfelt and compelling." - Historical Novel Society (full review)

"Sprightly, fast-moving, and bawdy, filled with a host of distinct and colorful characters, this novel wears its seriousness like summer linen, always there but never getting in the way of a good time. Along the way it touches on an astonishing range of topics—gender equality, power dynamics, family secrets, sexual politics, domestic violence, race relations, indigenous erasure, workplace safety, blockbusting, even the Holocaust—while remaining as funny, naughty and thought-provoking as a well-constructed comedy set." - William Shunn (full review)

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