This government shutdown is no joke.


Garden State

I’m a little bit slow here —  just watched Garden State last night. But I have some questions. Or, really, one question.

I found this movie barely watchable. The dialogue was irritating to me… almost on par with Juno, it had a strange combination of melodrama and cutesy aloofness, as well as one of the movie tropes that I find most aggravating. I don’t remember the conversation about the movie when it came out, so can someone tell me what I missed? What does everyone like about it?

As it is right now, I’m thinking I might have been better off watching the Superbowl. Is that one word?

Queer as a $3 bill

I won’t belabor the point here, but there was a bit of a kerfuffle earlier this week concerning a certain author’s certain inflammatory and homophobic blog post, which resulted in quite a bit of uproar and backlash in response. The post in question, however, is less important than the response, which led to the creation of a brand-spanking-new organization of queer and allied SFF writers and editors: The Outer Alliance. I joined, and so should you:

The Outer Alliance is a group of SF/F writers who have come together as allies for the advocacy of LGBT issues in literature. Made up of individuals of all walks of life, our goal is to educate, support, and celebrate LGBT contributions in the science-fiction and fantasy genres.

The Outer Alliance’s founder, Natania Barron, started the group because somehow such a group had not been started before. So? Here we are.

And all of this is a fantastic segue to something I should have done weeks ago, which is to promote the upcoming SF queer anthology Things We Are Not, in which I have a story! The anthology was curated by Chris Fletcher, editor extraordinaire of MBrane SF, and is due to be published in October of this year, I believe. Go ahead and check out the table of contents, and I hope you will consider buying a copy of the book. It’s not easy to single-handedly curate and publish a book (particularly while also running a magazine), and Chris needs all the support we can give him. Speaking of support… he’s also running a fund drive to raise money for publication costs.  You can sign up to be a sponsor and/or pay a measly dollar to vote for the cover art of Things We Are Not, a contest for which there is a PRIZE! Who doesn’t like prizes? Chris is about halfway to his fundraising goal… let’s help push him over the edge! Support small presses that publish unique writing! They can’t do it without you!