Podcast and a facelift

Not my own face, thankfully… this website! I’m too cheap to hire someone who actually knows how to design websites, so instead, I’m going to try to figure out how to do it myself. Just a little sprucing up – probably coming your way early 2015, or as soon as I have the time to make sure I’m not going to break anything.  Caren Gussoff and Chris Sumption designed this one for me, and I love it, but times have changed since 2009, and I should probably know how to do this stuff anyway.

Secondly – I started a podcast with my friend Cat Oddy. The two of us are chronic worriers, and we thought we’d bring our neuroses to the listening public. Each episode features a new worry, a personal story, and Real Scientific Research* about whether or not the worry is worth worrying about. New episodes every Monday, as long as we’re on top of our game. Check out the Should I Worry About This? Podcast, and maybe even subscribe? We’re also on Facebook and Twitter if you’re into those sorts of things.


*All the research Google has to offer,  in an hour or less! Or, as Cat says, ‘just enough information to be dangerous.’


Well, it’s better than nothing.  I’ve still got four days to catch up!

I was going to include a picture of the cool new USB microphone that I got to record Brain Harvest‘s very first podcast (and future audio projects), but I seem to have lost my camera.  Here’s a link to it.

BH readers voted for the story to be podcasted… but you’ll just have to wait and see which story won.   Hopefully I’ll have time to play around with the mic soon and learn how to use sound editing software. We’d like to get the podcast up ASAP, but I suspect there will be a bit of a learning curve so this first one might be a bit delayed. Anyone have any sound editing tips? The last time I did anything like this was in 1998, and I’m no Computer Expert, but I’ll bet things have changed since then. I’ll be using Adobe Soundbooth and/or Soundtrack Pro.