I’ve been avoiding this website like I avoid my voicemail…

But there are a few pieces of housekeeping (I imagine mostly for my own benefit, at this point, which is silly because being me, I already know these things):

1. I’m traveling! Check out my travel photos and commentary on my Tumblr page (which I actually do update regularly, unlike certain blogs I know).

2. I plan to reconfigure this website so that it’s less blog-focused at some point in the next year or so! Hopefully someday I will have writerly news to post on it, and perhaps something else interesting TBD.

3. Speaking of writerly news, I have an agent! Cameron McClure of the Donald Maass Literary Agency has graciously offered to be the front lines of my novel-selling army, though I could have probably come up with a better metaphor. Hopefully our super-duo will have yet more news in the coming months.

4. Oh and! Stay tuned for the publication of my short story “Camouflage” in some 2013 edition of Kaleidotrope.


So much news! I should go on a six month vacation more often.