Keeping up with carnivores.

This started as something else entirely.

Not really sure what to do with these. Use as pot holders? Stuff in strangers’ pockets? Hide them in plastic easter eggs?

Right now they’re on the coffee table, next to my feet and a neglected guitar tuner.

Improv Embroide-poetry

Today I bought one of those embroidery hoop thingies, some thread,  cut up an old shirt, and decided to write a poem.

At first I thought I’d write it first and then sew it, but then I decided just to make it up as I went along. Hence the “improv.”

The inspiration was an article that the ever-inspiring An Owomoyela linked to. I was particularly drawn to this section:

4. Use your hands

…I think the more that writing is made into a physical process, the better it is. You can feel the ink on paper. You can spread writing all over your desk and sort through it. You can lay it all out where you can look at it.

Oh and also this one:

5. Side projects and hobbies are important

…By side projects I mean the stuff that you thought was just messing around. Stuff that’s just play. That’s actually the good stuff. That’s when the magic happens.

So? Well… my embroidery is terrible (never done it before) and my poetry is worse (though not as bad as that diary filled with poems from high school) but it felt good. Really good. Can’t wait to do another one.