Firstly, check out the awesome cover art and stellar line-up for M-Brane SF #9. I’m delighted and a little intimidated to be in such illustrious company.

Nextly, check out the news and updates from the Things We Are Not blog. Chris is a master of publicity and is very generous with praise for his writers… he calls Brain Harvest “probably the single best venue for flash fiction,” (WOW!) and has some very kind things to say about my stories. This book is going to be so awesome, you’ll barely be able to keep your head from exploding. So be sure to buy it! And if you have some spare change in your Paypal pockets, donate a buck or two to help cover the costs of publication. Indie publishing is no easy task, friends, so if you love fiction and want to see more good stuff and less Dan Brown, please do what you can.

Thirdly, I have lots of stuff to report, but I’ve come up against a familiar brick wall… which is that I hate blogging. There. I said it. I know I have to get over it, but I just had to get that off my chest. Maybe I can blog about hating blogging. Or, better yet, maybe I can outsource blogging responsibilities to someone else. Any volunteers?